MELINE 01 Dark Circles_

5 mL + 5 mL.

01 MELINE® Dark Circles (Step 1 + Step 2)
Product indicated to improve and attenuate pigmentations in the periorbital region.

Active Ingredients
Chloroacetic acid · Lactic acid · Phytic acid · Vitamin A · Vitamin C
Mode of Action
Combination of exfoliating active ingredients with depigmenting properties that attenuate skin darkening in the periorbital region
Treatment Protocol
Cleanse and disinfect the skin. Use a cotton swab to apply 2 layers of MELINE® Dark Circles Step 1 on the periorbital region and leave it to dry.
Application Protocol
Then, apply 2 layers of MELINE® Dark Circles Step 2 and leave it to dry. Wait for 15 minutes before rising it off with water. Apply MELINE® 03 Moist to deeply moisturize the skin.
Dose2x5 ml 1,17 oz

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