MELINE 01 Dark Circles_

5 mL + 5 mL.

In-clinic soft chemical peel to rejuvenate and brighten the eye area. It effective reduces dark circles and revitalizes the skin around the eyes.
Product indicated to improve and attenuate pigmentations in the periorbital region.

Active Ingredients
Chloroacetic acid · Lactic acid · Phytic acid · Vitamin A · Vitamin C
Mode of Action
Combination of exfoliating active ingredients with depigmenting properties that attenuate skin darkening in the periorbital region
Treatment Protocol
Cleanse and disinfect the skin. Use a cotton swab to apply 2 layers of MELINE® Dark Circles Step 1 on the periorbital region and leave it to dry.
Application Protocol
Then, apply 2 layers of MELINE® Dark Circles Step 2 and leave it to dry. Wait for 15 minutes before rising it off with water. Apply MELINE® 03 Moist to deeply moisturize the skin.
Use Professional
Zone Face
Container Vials
Dose 2x5 ml 1,17 oz

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