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Me Line Spot have been created to treat pigmentary lesions such as solar, actinic or senile lentigo which consists of a brown/black spot that can present either homogeneous or heterogeneous pigmentation. These types of lesions are induced by natural or artificial ultraviolet light. The lentigo generally has a flat or slightly depressed surface but occasionally they can present a wrinkled surface normally surrounded by normal-appearance skin. Over time, they can increase in size and number and even converse together forming a bigger patch. One particularity of the solar lentigo is that when observing it with epiluminescence microscopy we see that the pigmented area is cross-linked.

Generally, these types of lesions appear in skin phototypes I-III, usually in face, forearm, back of the hands and upper torso. It is very important to establish the differential diagnosis between ephelides (freckles), seborrheic keratosis and lentigo maligna.


Solar lentigo is not a condition that requires treatment but its presence means that there is a photodamage and it has an aesthetic repercussion. The ideal treatment for solar lentigo should be cheap, achieve results quickly, it should not obstruct social life and should not present any risks. These affections are particularly difficult to treat when they are localized in the hands as the dermis and epidermis are thinner at this area, circulation is poor, they have not many polysebaceous units and a visible tendency to scar. So, scars could appear when treating these affections in hands.

Innoaesthetics laboratory, always on the cutting-edge, proposes a high safe and effective treatment that combines a depigmenting effect with an epidermolytic activity that favours the improvement of the lesion with no risk of leaving scars.


Cleanse the skin andremove the grease. Apply ME LINE 01 SPOTS Step 1 rubbing
with a cotton swab and form 2 coats over the affected areas.

Apply a thick and homogeneous coat of ME LINE 01 SPOTS Step 2, ocover it with an occlusive plaster and let it act for 30 minutes.

Cleanse the area with a soft cleanser. Apply ME LINE 03 MOIST drops and spread the product forming a thin coating. Leave it to dry.


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