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If we search on the Internet information about aesthetical procedures in intimate parts we will find thousands of webpages specialized on the subject. It means that gynecological aesthetic procedures are arousing more and more curiosity among the patients who come to the medical office to resolve their queries about this subject that is becoming more popular every day.

Many procedures have been proposed for the improvement of this area and most of them were basically surgical methods. Nevertheless, many minimally invasive or non-invasive techniques have been developepd during the last years  and have been very usefull for the aesthetical improvement of  this area.

Patients are mainly worried about the irregularities and diffences on skin color of the intimate parts. This situation has encouraged the specialists to use some products that are like those designed to treat skin aging and to remove pigmented spots on face. Nevertheless, as the intimate parts have a unique anatomical structure, we have been carrying out methiculous studies to determinate the most appropriate ingredients and the ideal concentrations in order to achieve optimal results without causing any adverse effects.

All these investigations have led us to the development of this new product, INTIMATE, that has proved to be very effective for the improvement of color uniformity and overall skin appearance without causing any adverse effects. MeLine Intimate represents a great option to treat these disorders and its efficacy is backed up by scientific trials. In conclusion, this product achieves very satisfactory results.

Cleanse the skin and degrease the area.

Apply ME LINE 01 INTIMATE, solution and leave it act from 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the skin.

Cleanse the area with a soft cleanser. Apply ME LINE 03 MOIST drops and spread them forming a thin coating. Leave it to dry.

After 4 days, start to apply ME LINE 02 INTIMATE, once or twice a day, preferably morning and night.


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