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Melasma is the most common hyperpigmentation disorder and it affects millions of people around the glove. It is normally characterized by hyperchromic stains symmetrically localized at the centre of the face, on cheeks or at the lower region of the face.

Many factors are involved in the apparition of melasma being sun exposure the most important of them. It is corroborated that there is some genetic susceptibility to suffer it. Moreover, specialists believe that hormone changes are also involved in their apparition: pregnancy, use of contraceptives, alterations in thyroid function, the use of some medications and or certain cosmetics.

Survives conduced in different populations revealed that even a small affection of melasma in the facial area can lead to significant emotional and psychological affliction, that is why treating it appropriately is so important.

MeLine range of products developed in Innoaesthetics Laboratories, thanks to the join efforts of our R&D department and our medical department, offers an innovative therapeutic activity.  Deep knowledge regarding the development and evolution of the melasma and how it affects to the different skin phototypes and to a specific area has allow our specialist to design products that treat these specific skin pigmentation problems in a safe and effective way.

Many scientific investigations have led us to find the ideal formula: a combination of active ingredients that acts on pre-synthesis of melanin, as well as on the direct activity (synthesis) and post-synthesis of tyrosinase controlling then the different stages that are involved in the deposit of melanin on the tissues and the constitution of a pigmented stain.

MeLine Caucasian Skin products are essentially addressed to the treatment of melasma in skin phototypes I – IV. The synergy of its actives allows: the inhibition of hormonal activity on the melanocyte, controlling the activity of free radicals, improving the condition of the epidermal tissue, chelation of the minerals that activate enzymatic activity, blocking tyrosinase activity, promoting epidermal renewal to remove the content of pigment in the cell.

The treatment protocol includes two homecare products that work in synergy and complement the professional treatment applied by the specialist. These two products will help to control the activity of melanin and the production of tyrosinase enzyme. They are essential to complete the treatment as they enhance its efficacy and prolong its effects.

Cleanse the skin, remove the grease and dry the skin completely. Place ME LINE 00 PREP y into a container and apply the content of one ampoule on the area using a brush. Let it act for 3 minutes.

Apply a homogeneous coat of ME LINE 01 CAUCASIAN SKIN over the entire face. After 15 minutes, apply a second coat over the areas with melasma. First treatment session: Let it act for 30 minutes. Second treatment session: Let it act for 45 minutes (after 30 days). Third treatment session: Let it act for 45 minutes (after 6 – 8 months).

Cleanse the skin with a soft cleanser. Apply ME LINE 03 MOIST y drops and spread the product forming a thin coating. Leave it to dry.


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