Concentrated depigmenting day-use serum for skin phototypes I-IV.
Improves and delays the appearance of skin pigmentations. Reduces melanin deposits.

Active Ingredients
Mandelic Acid · Lactobionic Acid · Phytic Acid · Kojic Acid · Glutathione · Tranexamic Acid · Copper Tripeptide · Chameleon White
Mode of Action
The combination of its active ingredients provides a strong tyrosinase enzyme inhibition effect, leading to reduced pigment synthesis. They also promote pigmented keratinocyte degranulation and removal.
Treatment Protocol
Use for product for at least 90 days, although the doctor will decide the total treatment duration.
Application Protocol
After cleansing the skin with MELINE® Gentle Foam, apply on the entire face and massage until completely absorbed. Allow it to dry. It is recommended to apply the MELINE® 03 Moist occlusive repair product and MELINE® 04 B.B. Cream.
Use Patient
Zone Face
Container Sponge Tub
Dose 10ml. 0,35 oz.

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